What matters most when we die?

Many of us spend a great deal of our thought-life in striving for the things we want to achieve.

For some, it could be a job that pays an amount of money we desire. For others, it could be fame in arts and entertainment.

However, I’ve been thinking lately about the question: How do you want the world to be different because of the time you existed as an individual, human being?

And as I’ve also posed this question to others, the answers are rarely truly about achievements. The answers most of us give are about qualities or ideals we hope are promoted through our life.

It’s not that we want the meaning of our life to be that we were known as being an Oscar-winning actor or that we became a millionaire in business. For the actor, it may be that we hope people were left inspired by the portrayals we expressed through film. For the businessperson, it may be in the way their family felt cared for or the people they were able to help in some way with their wealth.

So, how much of our life and thoughts are we devoting to our goals and things we want to achieve, and how much are we devoting to cultivating the qualities in ourselves we actually want to make a greater reality in the world?

Once our time of individual experience expires, what are qualities will have been shared with the world through your life?

For me, my hope is that the human-world will be more empathetic, understanding and functioning more healthily as a human family because I was here.

What qualities do you hope will be shared with the world through your life?

What do you think about this?

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