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The Vision for Humanitarian Explorer

Hi! My name is Dylan Raines, and I am working to develop Humanitarian Explorer into being a global nonprofit that seeks to unite the world in shared goals to set people free from needless suffering.

In 2012 I embarked upon a 3 month adventure, with only a back-pack and a few articles of clothing, traveling and walking pilgrim-style north along the western coast of the United States beginning in Los Angeles, all the way through northern Oregon, and back down to Los Angeles. Each day I would spend my time, completely in the present moment, in cities and towns for one purpose: to connect and share compassion with others. As vague as it may sound, I discovered my life's mission: to travel, love and serve people.

It was during that adventure that I first had the idea of creating a network with the name Humanitarian Explorer. "Humanitarian" as an expression of having deep compassion and concern for the well-being of all others, and "Explorer" as an expression of traveling and exploring to discover people in need of help, hope or simple genuine connection and friendship from another human being.

Humanitarian Explorer, as a global nonprofit organization, will be both a network that any individual can join to learn about humanitarian issues, share their thoughts about our goals, connect with others who share their humanitarian goals and raise awareness for humanitarian needs and issues around the world. Humanitarian Explorer will also be a network for humanitarian causes; nonprofit organizations or communities around the world with projects working in the areas of clean water, food and nutrition, housing the homeless, providing access to quality education, a healthy environment for all life and for peace to be realized in the world for al people. One of our goals will be to create a global map of humanitarian projects through connecting and partnering with groups leading them, and harness the power of our network to serve and help those projects be as successful as possible.